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Being Well

Enjoying healthier lifestyles and activities has a huge impact on First Responders’ mental acuity, strength and stamina. At The Watch you’ll learn about the benefits of everything from stress management, good nutrition, hydration and sleep habits to exercise, yoga, and mindfulness. We offer workshops, education and training on specialized topics that are held in house or can be brought to your station by request.


Trainings & Workshops

Wellness Programs

Trainings are educational and instructional in nature. They are designed to give the participants information and skills to promote self-efficacy and increase resiliency.

Why Stress Mitigation is Important to You and Your Agency

This training is an introduction to the basic brain functions of the stress response and the best ways individuals can remain healthy throughout their careers. Critical incidents and first responders go hand in hand. When everyone else moves away from danger and chaos, first responders move forward, overcoming basic fear mechanisms and heading directly into the fight. Let us serve you by offering you helpful tools in the mitigation of job-related stress.

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