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Client Testimonials

"The hardest part was making my first appointment. Lisa understands the stressors of being a first responder and the cumulative effect the job can have both personally and professionally. She helped me see things I couldn't, often listening and allowing me to often answer my own questions. I have recommended Lisa to many in my law enforcement family."

-Bill Menard
Police Lieutenant

"Based on my co-workers recommendation, I contacted Lisa and set up my first meeting and I have never looked back. I have now been seeing Lisa for almost four years and I owe a lot of positive change in my life to her. Lisa was able to successfully work with not just the professional side of my life, but the personal side as well. Due to Lisa's level of expertise, I am a better police officer, husband, and father today than I was when I first saw her back in 2018. I would recommend Lisa to any first responder and believe she has a unique skill set and personality to really have an influence in this field."

-Western Mass Police Officer
10 Years Service

Lisa Knowles-Warren has been my therapist for the past few years. In that time she has taught me techniques that have been helpful in dealing with the unique mental health issues that law enforcement and first responders (active or retired) can face. Lisa is kind, caring, and knowledgeable with her clients best interest at heart. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone in the law enforcement or first responder community who wants a safe space to talk about anything- law enforcement or first responder related- or personal experience.

-Western Mass Police Officer

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